About Us

Joel Sanders


In nearly two decades as an entrepreneur and CEO, Joel has led small business turnarounds, new product launches, and delivered millions of dollars in profits to investors and business owners.

Joel takes a “whole person” approach to leadership, recognizing that personal issues often interfere with professional ambitions and make us blind to opportunities. Backed by his own research, Joel has discovered that virtues are more important than goals, that discipline leads to freedom, and that peace of mind–and goal achievement–are the inevitable result of living a disciplined, virtuous life.

Specific to professional meeting facilitation, Joel leads design sprints, facilitates small group retreats for EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) and YPO (Young Presidents Organization) forums, moderates peer-to-peer executive forums, and facilitates strategic planning retreats.

When he’s not helping leaders grow, Joel enjoys long walks with friends, early morning (6AM!) conversations over coffee, and traveling with his wife, Angelika.

George Morris


George is an experienced small group facilitator that works with Entrepreneur Organization (EO) Forums, Organizational Boards and Peer-Groups to create deeper and more meaningful gatherings.

In his 18+ years as an entrepreneur and former member of EO Colorado George has grown companies, lead boards and built community groups. He understand what it means to lead, and he has empathy for the challenges leaders face. In terms of style, George is more about going deep and building stronger connections. Using tools and techniques he encourages group participation by all and holds space for those who tend to be quiet and reserved.

Outside of Barn Raisers, George is a father of two who enjoys mountain biking, camping and hiking with his kids and girlfriend Stefanie.