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Test Your Idea with Real People in 5 Days or Less

The costliest mistake in business innovation is spending too much time on the wrong idea. Businesspeople tend to overestimate 1) how much people will understand new products and 2) how much they’ll care.

Instead of guessing, get answers. Build a lightweight prototype and watch your customers interact with it.

You’ll see how much people “get” your idea. You’ll watch as their faces reveal what’s confusing or delightful. You’ll listen as they send buying signals (e.g., “When will it be ready?”)—or not.

A sprint won’t answer every question, but it will tell you 80% of what you need to know about your idea in days—not weeks or months.

Let’s Talk About Your Sprint

What Does a Design Sprint Look Like?

Who Should Be On The Sprint Team?

A sprint team consists of three to seven people.


Every sprint needs a final decision maker. Examples: CEO, Founder, CMO, Product Manager, etc.

Marketing Expert

The person in charge of crafting your company’s or product’s positioning and messaging. Examples: CMO, Product Manager.

Technical Expert

This is someone who understands what your company can build and deliver. Examples: Engineer, CTO.

Finance Expert

Someone who understands your company’s money flows. Examples: CEO, CTO, Finance Manager.

Design Expert

You need someone who designs products and services for your company. Examples: Designer, Product Manager.

Customer Expert

This is someone who is in regular contact with customers. Examples: Salesperson, Customer Support.

Ready To Talk About Your Sprint?

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