Why Barn Raisers?

From the late 18th Century until the early 20th Century, barns were expensive—and absolutely required for the survival of farmers. A “barn raising” was a festive, community-wide event to build a single farmer’s barn.

Barn Raisers’ professional meeting facilitation methods call on the spirit of those times. Your team will build something that’s practical, useable, and ready to go.

Infographic: Barn Raisers versus “The Other Guys”

Typical Meeting facilitation is:

  • Stuffy & Corporate
  • Sitting Around
  • Conference Rooms
  • Theoretical & Academic
  • Planning
  • Thinking
  • Serious

In comparison, Barn Raisers Meeting Facilitation is:

  • Friendly & Real
  • Moving Around
  • Club House
  • Realistic & Practical
  • Implementing
  • Acting
  • Light-Hearted

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Infographic: Barn Raisers verses The Other Guys--Comparing Two Philosophies of Meeting Facilitation. Descriptive Text Follows.